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Home & Garden

Shop Karcher products from our home and garden range. Whether it’s inside or outside of the home, Karcher has the solution for all your cleaning missions.

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Karcher offers a wide range of Home & Garden cleaning products to help keep your home looking its best. Find out the difference Karcher can make in your home.

Shop Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

At Karcher, you can find the vacuum cleaner that meets your needs perfectly.

buy wet and dry vacuum clener

Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners offer diverse fields of application, both for outside and inside.

shop handheld vacuum cleaner

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The window cleaner cleans not only windows quickly and efficiently, but all smooth surfaces such as hobs, mirrors, doors and tiles.

Shop Pressure Washers

Pressure Washers

Karcher high-pressure cleaners offer the perfect solution for every cleaning task.

Shop Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaners

The hot pressurized steam removes up to 99.99% of germs and viruses whether in the kitchen, bathroom, on floors or any surface.

Shop Window Vac

Window Vacs

Kärcher's Window Vacs clean windows three times faster, leaving them completely streak-free.

Shop Floor Cleaners

Floor Cleaners

Be it tiles, stone, vinyl, laminate or parquet: Karcher floor cleaners can get all hard floors gleaming.

Shop Electrical Broom

Electric Brooms

Ideal for occasional cleaning of carpets, laminate or tiles. Without disturbing cord and unnecessary bending.

Shop Robo vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuums & Mops

The fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner It is circular, flat and moves quietly through living spaces..

Air Purifiers

Air Treatment

Inside is the new outside. Whether working from home, relaxing, or sleeping: we spend a large part of our time indoors.